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What is TotalEnergies Card?

As fleet managers and owners, your biggest worry is to find ways to better manage costs in fuel, while ensuring that drivers of your fleet are complying with company policy. The more visibility and control you have on the spend, the more productivity and cost savings you can gain. With the new TotalEnergies Card, you and your fleet can get help in becoming more cost effective, efficient and in control.

The new TotalEnergies Card helps control spending at the drivers’ level by letting you set spending limits and track spending patterns such as grade of fuel, fueling frequency, and time of fueling or fuel location. Various reports on transaction and anomalies let you control the spending habits.

TotalEnergies Card enables you to cover four bases for a fool proof fleet management system





4-digit Pin Code

Vehicle Identification System

Self Service Portal

Cashless Transactions

Instant Balance Information

Made to order TotalEnergies Card

Spending Limit

Fuel Grade Restriction 

No Denial of Service

Offline Transaction System


TotalEnergies Card Excellently...

  • Reduces overall costs and boosts productivity fleet-wide with one-window shopping for a variety of fleet-related products and services.
  • Improves transparency and compliance with company policies.
  • Manages - and even lowers - the amount of fuel you may use each month.
  • Provides visibility of driver spending habits that may be costing you money.
  • Reduces the amount of time needed to review and process transactions.
  • Saves time in finding fueling and maintenance locations, keeping your drivers on the road to deliver goods and services.
  • Provides convenience and flexibility of having driver or vehicle cards with spending limits in Dinars and Liters.
  • Provides ease of use with widest acceptance at TotalEnergies Marketing Jordan petrol stations across Jordan.

TotalEnergies Card is the Right Choice for:

Businesses with Commercial Vehicles

TotalEnergies Card is ideal for businesses that use commercial vehicles regularly. Some organizations that fall into this category include delivery, transportation, and construction companies.

Businesses with Employee Card needs

Business owners or fleet managers are allowed to set spending limit and track purchases with TotalEnergies Card. This helps mitigate any risk related to irresponsible employee spending or financial wrong-doings.

Logistics Companies

Several Logistics companies regardless of their fleet size, employ the use of TotalEnergies Card, which helps in monitoring fuel expense and controlling the consumption as per need.

Small and Medium Enterprises

TotalEnergies Card can benefit companies of smaller sizes as it enables them to control their fueling expense and increase bottom line profits.


When it comes to domestic use, TotalEnergies Card is an excellent choice for individuals who want to monitor fueling transactions and control the spending habits of family members or drivers at home.


Good things come in pairs - which is why we've made TotalEnergies Card available for you in two variants:

Prepaid Card

Go cashless when you purchase fuel with TotalEnergies Prepaid Card - a convenient choice for personal use or even as a gift for someone else. With ease of facilitation in reloading the Card through an online extranet portal or at a TotalEnergies Marketing Jordan petrol station, TotalEnergies Prepaid Card is the perfect choice.

  • TotalEnergies Prepaid Card can be topped up whenever required. As your need doesn’t have a limit, neither does the TotalEnergies Prepaid Card. 
  • You can opt for a TotalEnergies Prepaid Card even if you’re running a business, as we provide invoices of your prepaid transactions.
  • Your TotalEnergies Prepaid Card is made to order, which means you can customize it as per your requirement with spending limits, fuel grades and locations.

Postpaid Card

We don’t believe in one size fits all, which is why we’ve developed the TotalEnergies Postpaid Card to be fully adaptable to your fleet management needs - keeping in mind your business requirements.

  • Your TotalEnergies Postpaid Card is made to order, which means you can customize it as per your requirement with spending limits set on Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly bases in rupees and liters, according to fuel grades and locations.
  • All TotalEnergies Postpaid Card transactions performed by your fleet are verified and recorded to prevent fraud or abuse through PIN authorization. You can also opt for the Vehicle Identification System offered exclusively by TotalEnergies Card for added security.
  • Now you won’t have to keep track of all the manual receipts received from the drivers, as TotalEnergies Card will deliver month-end invoicing directly to your inbox to consolidate your fueling transactions in an automated way.



The TotalEnergies Card Extranet Portal


TotalEnergies Card provides an online self-service portal, offering you ease of fleet management and assurance of control on your daily purchases.


Are you a TotalEnergies Card Fleet customer? Login to the extranet portal by clicking here 

Check out all the features of the TotalEnergies Card Extranet below:

Now you won’t have to fill in tedious form to apply for a new card or request for modification of your existing card. You can directly perform these actions through our online portal. For an added layer of your security, these transactions are validated by our back office team to ensure no exploitation of this facility tkae place.

In addition to calling our helpline to block a lost/stolen/broken card, now you can also block it through the Total Card Extranet Portal and request for re-issuance of the card through it.

If you own more than one prepaid card, uploading balance on it can be a real hassle. But through our Total Card Extranet Portal, you can easily upload balance in your cards with the click of a button. 

The Total Card Extranet Portal is a one stop solution for all your information concerning your fuel purchases, plus it gives you the chance to delve deep into all the numbers and analytics associated with them! See charts and analytics to make informed decisions while managing your fleet.

Total Card will never leave any off-the-map fraudulent activity unnoticed. Any breach of limits, fuel grade, kilometer reading and location will be reported to the fleet manager. Now fleet managers don’t have to delete 100 SMS from their phone for 100 transaction performed in a day. One consolidated email will cover all aspects of fuel purchases.

All your invoices are available on the portal for your perusal, with the data being available for download in your desired format.

For further queries, feel free to contact: