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Exclusive Ramadan Deals on Car Wash Services

Copy: Enjoy a 1 JD discount when you wash your car before iftar between 9 am-1 pm. And, get free water and soft drink after Iftar while we take care of your car. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer and take advantage of our premium car wash services that will leave your car shining like new.


Enjoy the best Ramadan offers with Bonjour Supermarket

  • 4 cans of Red Bull for 5.5 dinars
  • 6 packs of Vimto for 2.5 dinars
  • 12 Kit Kat bars for 3 dinars
  • 6 bottles of 330ml Barbican for 2 dinars
  • 6 packs of Mr. Chips for half a dinar
  • 1 Snickers, Mars, and Bounty bar for 1 dinar each
  • 12 bottles of 500ml Nestle water for 2 dinars
  • 10 bottles of Pepsi for 1.5 dinars each.

Exclusive Ramadan Deals on Our Car Care Products

Copy: enjoy exclusive discounts this Ramadan with our Car Care Kits. Get 26% off on car Care Kit 1, which includes a glass polish, engine coolant, and a vanilla-scented car freshener to keep your car smelling fresh and looking shiny. Plus, get 35% off on Car Care Kit 2, which includes a cockpit cleaner, upholstery cleaner, and engine cleaner to keep the interior of your car looking brand new.