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Tyre repair

A unique product that pumps and closes the tyre damage fast and safely.



+ Allows you to continue driving to a garage without requiring a car assistance service, tools or wheel changing

+ Allows tyre to be repaired quickly and effortlessly without damage

+ Suitable for use in passenger cars fitted with tubeless tyres


Expert tips:

  • CAUTION: Not suitable for large holes and tears of more than 5mm, holes on the side of the tyre or damage on the side of the wheel
  • Product is pressurized. Read instructions carefully before using


Directions for use:

  • Remove the object that caused the puncture
  • Position the valve of the flat tyre in horizontal position
  • Shake the can vigorously
  • Clean tyre valve thread and screw the can’s connection tube to it firmly
  • Break the safety seal
  • Hold the aerosol upright in one hand, press the propellant button to start transferring the product until tyre is inflated
  • Drive for 15 to 20km at less than 45km/h to allow product to distribute evenly
  • Stop at nearest service station to inflate tyre to correct pressure
  • Repair tyre by a professional mechanic and inform of the flammable contents in the tyre
  • ATTENTION: The propellant is flammable, replace only in open air. The product can influence the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)