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Our Customer Promises


Everyday, we make our service station nice and pleasant for our customers to enjoy stopping here, as much as we enjoy working here.

in our service stations, we want everyone to feel good, no matter the time or the affluence. Our customers know that they will be able to enjoy a space that is continuously well maintained for their break.



Proximity means knowing that at TotalEnergies, in case of need, someone will be there to help us.

Our goal is for our customers to leave with a smile. We are responsive and attentive at each step of the journey to accompany them in their purchases and meet their needs.



At TotalEnergies, one of our main commitments is to have our service stations operate with respect for the environment. This is why, everyday, we carefully check that our equipment is in good condition and make sure that local regulations are strictly complied with.

Responsible all the way, we are twice as vigilant when it comes to the sale of sensitive products.

Tobacco, alcohol, and gambling are forbidden to minors.



At TotalEnergies, safety is our first priority, that’s why day after day, we carefully check that everything is in place and working properly. When it comes to our customers, nothing can be left to chance.

Coaching integrity, expiration dates, safety also takes place in our stores. If our customers trust us its because they know that safety trumps everything else.



In every service station, everything is designed to ensure smooth, easy and enjoyable customer journey.

Traffic areas correspond to specific uses so customers can find everything they need at any given time.

In addition to refueling, customers can find all the essentials to maintain their vehicle.